Room 31 is a safe, quiet, comfortable place to practice meditation. A geodesic dome hut is outfitted with soft light, soft zabutons and zafus.

Group guided meditation and silent time Mondays at 6:00 pm. All are welcome. Lasts about 30 minutes. Enter through the front door of Churchill School. Generally we do a vipassana style breath-focus meditation.

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Here is a meditation technique to practice any time, any place.  It’s from “How to Sit” by Thich Nhat Hahn:

When we’re first learning sitting meditation, it can be useful to count our breath. Count “one” for the first in-and-out-breath. Count “two” for the second, and so on.  If your mind wanders and you lose count, go back to “one” and begin again.  This exercise helps develop concentration.  You may think counting to ten is easy, but counting to ten while breathing mindfully takes a lot of focus.

4/11/23 – When we sit, as we watch the mind produce wave after wave of pictures and stories and memories and hopes for the future, and then gently bring our awareness away from these images and back to our breath or other focus point again and again, we are practicing patience … and love for ourselves.  We honor our own being and acknowledge what we are experiencing.  By not denying it or pushing away what our mind sometimes produces, things we don’t wish to experience, but inviting it in so we can make friends with it, we can open up a dialogue between our consciousness and our fears or sorrows or disappointments and regrets or whatever else it is we were tempted to avoid and push away. By welcoming it in and offering it a seat, right here and now with us, it becomes less scary or overwhelming.  You begin to create a safe place, a place of peace, what some refer to as a place of peace that is beyond all understanding, the first step in dealing with our fears or just the “monkey mind” that loves to interrupt our meditations.

The Meditation Dome